• The Power of Inclusive Design

    Why inclusive design makes sense

Inclusive design and your brand

More than ever, brands understand the need to cater to users with diverse needs. From an ethical standpoint, inclusive design a no-brainer. Yet, the commercial argument is often overlooked.

In this piece, we explore the potential of inclusive design in driving better outcomes for both businesses and consumers, casting the spotlight on the brands blazing a trail for a more inclusive future.

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Are your consumer horizons broad enough? ask Rodd Design in this piece on Inclusive design

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive design is enabling and hugely positive says Rodd Design

Unlocking a world of innovation

Inclusive design is great design says Rodd Design
oxo goodgrips is a north star in accessible design

Let’s explore some examples of inclusive design.


Now synonymous with innovative kitchen tools, the US brand’s ‘good grips’ handle design came to life in 1990 when CEO Sam Faber noticed his wife’s difficulty gripping objects due to arthritis. The handle design was an instant hit, and became a signature of the brand for many years. Today, it’s recognised as a classic example of inclusion infused into design, even though it was never specifically marketed as a solution for those with limited grip strength or disability.


Widely acclaimed as the world’s first hands-free shoe, the Nike Go FlyEase has inclusive DNA at its core: a laceless step-in shoe that aims to help anyone, regardless of age or ability, enjoy sport. To achieve their design, the sports brand relied heavily on the input of employees with disabilities, including two amputees. The result is a perfect blend of style and functionality that appeals to everyone.

Are your consumer horizons broad enough? ask Rodd Design in this piece on Inclusive design
Are your consumer horizons broad enough? ask Rodd Design in this piece on Inclusive design


Good design is inclusive

Good designers are intrinsically receptive to human pain points. Whether it’s a short term frustration or a potential life threatening situation, they are adept at creating solutions that turn negative to positive. So next time you write a brief, or build user groups as part of your insight capture — stop and double check that your horizons are as wide as they need to be.

Ode is a health tech brand that helps combat malnutrition in dementia patients.
Creating a brand identity for modern ageing. The Wellwise dashboard created by Rodd

Inclusive design at Rodd

It may come with many definitions and international titles, but to us, inclusive design is just good design.

Our people centric philosophy inevitably means that we consider the needs of the broadest consumer range – without prejudice – it’s part of our DNA.

We received our first award for inclusive design in 2008, and have implemented these principles in all of our client projects ever since. For over two decades we have partnered with leading academics in this space and supported internal design teams to champion design inclusion within global brands.

If design inclusion is on your agenda, we would love to share our expertise with you and design a better world for all.