• Ignite

    The insights driving change in your industry

  • Ignite

    The insights driving change in your industry

  • Ignite

    The insights driving change in your industry


Insights and inspiration fuel creativity.

It empowers teams to break away from conventional thinking and fosters a culture of innovation.

Our clients appreciate that Rodd comes pre-loaded with an awareness of the global trends influencing their markets and consumers.

The team is pre-conditioned to hunt out insights and to absorb trends to inform the solutions we create for clients.

What you can expect.

Ignite is our space to share the insights that excite us, and what should be exciting you. ​​

It’s a place where we share our insights and perspectives on an ever-evolving design landscape, we highlight opportunities for value creation for brands and delve deep into emerging global trends.

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We produce monthly IGNITE reports which are freely available via subscription to design leaders, brand and innovation teams . If you would like inspiration and thought leadership direct to your inbox simply sign up

What will ignite you?

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RESET - an unapologetic look at sustainable design at people, planet and profit


We shine an unapologetic light on the link between people, planet and profits to surface sustainable design strategies that support a triple bottom line.

Our monthly reports blend strategic advice with real-world success stories to empower leaders to level up their sustainability efforts.

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Dialogue - We delve into the key insights that inspire our work and help inform our clients


We delve into the key topics that inspire us and inform our clients. Expect equal measures of consumer insights, design strategy, trends analysis and beautiful design craft.

Our monthly reports offer a richly illustrated glimpse into the future of your industry. We explore the global macro trends set to shape consumer behaviour and pinpoint the commercial opportunities that lie within.

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Aalto air purifier by Rodd design. Plan view render set on a timber floor.


We showcase our latest studio projects and serve up news and views to spark debate and energise your design teams.

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