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    We help innovative brands create beautiful things


We are a trusted design partner working within the ‘inner circle’ of some of the world’s leading consumer innovation businesses.

For two decades, product brands have asked us:

+ What should we do next?
+ How do we pivot to stay ahead?
+ How do we use design to tell our story?
+ What’s right for our progress and the planet?

Our thinking goes beyond creative. Our teams can help arm you with powerful insights,  define product strategy and support highly crafted delivery from advanced design to go-to-market product delivery.

If you have a similar questions we would love to talk.

Learn about Rodd directors Ben Davies and Mark Morgan.

Our blend of design and innovation

From innovative new products to disruptive new services, every client’s brief is different. But the common theme is unanimous – huge risks require total trust and a shared passion to go further.

Together we help you unearth what is closest to the hearts of your consumers, solve wicked problems at the intersection of consumer and business, bring together beautiful design and meaningful experiences, and demonstrate the power of innovation fuelled with empathy.

Ultimately, we craft products and services that tell your story as it should be told.

Ben and mark working with the helix design centre

“ Working with Rodd was exactly the experience we were looking for.

They quickly became a natural extension of our team, whilst retaining the distance to push-back, challenge and bring fresh ideas and perspectives."

Design Manager, Elvie

Learn about Rodd directors Ben Davies and Mark Morgan.
Learn about rodd and our approach to user centered design.

“Rodd delivered beautifully and with great competence, provided meaningful and thoughtful guidance, and were able to manage our occasionally outrageous requests with great professionalism.”

VP Industrial Design, US. Consumer-Tech Brand

Rodd use a variety of tools to help consumer brands to redefine their brand positioning before executing product brand language programs.

We have added the fourth sphere to the classic design thinking framework to reminds us, and our clients, to see sustainability and societal impact equally alongside the conventional three factors.

The 4th lobe is our reworked interpretation of the classic design thinking diagram

“I’m a huge fan of Rodd. They truly understand the strategic impact of innovation within business, which is not something that can be said of all creative agencies. If you haven't worked with them - you must!"

Former CDO, The Design Council

Bea, a designer at Rodd sketching concepts
Blair walking past a series of foam models

“Rodd is one of those rare breeds of agencies willing to sit a client down and ask if what we have briefed them is really what we need.”

Insights Manager, Reckitt

A shot during the Helix innovation workshop

“Together with Rodd we created not only a narrative that equipped us for the future but a range of product ID’s that both sense checked and chimed with the DNA.”

Senior Executive, Goodmans

An insight into the creative process at Rodd Design
Rodd team member's cycling equipment

Let’s talk about how we can use insights and design to fuel your ambition, drive consumer innovation and align it with ESG, and imbue your products with greater meaning and purpose.

A glimpse through the studio door