• Expertise

    The skills to take you further

  • Expertise

    The skills to take you further

  • Expertise

    The skills to take you further

Strategic design expertise

From design research and consumer innovation to design direction across digital and physical consumer brands, we’ve spent over twenty years working with ambitious clients large and small, all around the world honing our expertise and our strategic design services.

We have the experience to help you create bold strategic design solutions to complex global business problems, to combine deep consumer insights and meaningful innovation with beautifully-crafted design for the planet and consumers of tomorrow.

We can help you become a sustainable leader of tomorrow.

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Rodd Design are experts in the application of user research and foresights in the design process when working with consumer brands

User Research and Foresights

The front end of innovation and design is a risky but hugely exciting space. We help you navigate the pitfalls and unlock key insights to take you forward.

Our user research and foresights combine our appetite for understanding consumer needs and aspirations with our fascination of the changing pattern of global macro trends.

For teams looking to break new ground and venture into a more ethical economy, our insights provide the clarity and empathy you need to move ahead.

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Mark leading a sub-group ideation for Helix

Consumer Innovation

We work with purposeful brands and adventurous founders, creating disruptive propositions that appeal to the next generation of conscious consumers.

By deciphering rich insights and translating them into engaging value propositions, we create, prototype and iterate game-changing product, experience and service innovations.

This helps you unlock new markets, prepare for the value-driven economy, and excite your consumers.

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Aalto app mockup. Two screens side by side showing how users can personalise their air throughout the home.

User experience design

At Rodd, our mission is to design enriched digital user experiences for the consumer tech products and services of tomorrow.

In today's world, digital design sits at the core of all captivating brand experiences. That means the success of all consumer-tech products hinges on beautiful User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design.

Together, these essential design elements craft delightful interactions and cultivate strong advocacy, helping ambitious brands stay ahead.

Every day, consumer-tech brands call on Rodd to help them forge a profound connection with users and elevate their experience to new heights of customer satisfaction. We achieve this for our clients through thoughtful UI/UX design that excites users and reflects natural behaviour.

Harnessing the cutting-edge tools and techniques, we craft intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our clients' customers.

Our mission is to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and create products that users love and keep coming back to.

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Front view of the Rodd Designed balance monitor design concept

Design Direction

We work at the intersection of consumer aspirations and business objectives for some of the world’s most respected brands, challenging them to do something different and find unique beauty.

Our designers blend culture, narrative, and feasibility, creating meaningful products that embody your brand’s values and crafting a clear visual narrative around your strategic brand positioning.

Design is storytelling, and through our holistic approach we’ll find the best way to tell your story as it should be told.

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Essence - a premium botanical home care concept that embraces the circular economy

Sustainable Design and Innovation

Over the coming years, our clients and partners will face the biggest challenge of their business history; how to deliver sustainable design and innovation strategies that promote profitability while impacting the planet in a positive way.

Central to our studio's long-term manifesto is the way in which we will level-up to help brands to innovate regenerative products and services, that embrace the circular economy. Core to which is helping brands to innovate new methods of value creation that will actively encourage sustainable behavioural change, drive brand engagement and deliver profits.

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