• It was clear from our early conversations that we both felt that the category was failing older consumers, so we applied our inclusive design expertise and looked beyond the sector archetype of crude, oversized keys and alarm calls to create a design that set out to be 'age-neutral'.

    Universal Design

    Solutions that never exclude

Good design is inclusive design

We’ve upheld this principle from the start, receiving our first award for universal design back in 2008.

Evangelising this mantra to a number of our global clients has led to further awards and commercial success and our own investment in designing for our future-selves.

Beyond the satisfaction of designing truly better and more accessible products, brands that strive for inclusivity will broaden their reach and achieve greater engagement with consumers looking to offer their brand advocacy.

Over the years, we’ve proudly partnered with leading design academics and regularly support internal design teams to champion and deploy design inclusion within global brands.

Clients spanning the sectors ask us to explore the future of ageing across homecare, home and independence, branded packaging and even the built environment.

+ Let's design to include
Rodd design's Ode shown on a window between two plants

Preventing malnutrition through purposeful design

Rodd created a brand identity focussed on modern ageing for tech startup Wellwise

Creating a brand identity for modern ageing.

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design with SGW Global. Side view of the CD111 Telephone designed by Rodd for SGW GLOBAL.White handset on a pale grey backdrop illumintaed with an orange screen

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design