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    Equal measures of strategy, trend & design craft


Welcome to Dialogue.

For two decades Rodd have been asked to create solutions to big strategic questions; what should we do next, how do we pivot to stay ahead, how do we use design to tell our story in a way that’s meaningful, how do we decipher what’s right for our future?

Our futures and trends thinking goes beyond creative, arming you with informed insights, trends analysis and a blend of design strategy and crafted positioning we create holistic solutions that are beautiful, commercial, and challenge assumptions.


What you can expect

Our team are pre-conditioned to identify and and absorb design trends, decipher and deploy design strategy and curate beautiful design inspiration for client teams in a wide variety of industry verticals.

Here we share that thinking as we regularly delve into the key topics that inspire us outside of our client work. Expect equal measures of design strategy, trends analysis and a celebration of design craft.

Our thought pieces offer a richly illustrated glimpse into the future of your industry. We explore the global macro trends set to shape consumer behaviour and pinpoint the commercial opportunities for your brand that lie within.

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