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    Inclusive Design

    People-centric design for brands

People centric design for brands

As a studio, we have always championed the idea that inclusive design should not be considered as a discipline in its own right at all β€” but one of the central tenets that make for all great design projects.

It may come with many definitions and international titles, but to us, design that includes the widest section of the population is just good design.

Our people centric philosophy inevitably means that we consider the needs of the broadest consumer range – without prejudice – it’s part of our DNA.

We received our first international award for inclusive design in 2008, and have implemented these principles in all of our client projects ever since. For over two decades we have partnered with leading academic centres, mentored young designers, supported internal design teams to lecture, train and above all champion universal design and all of its ethical and commercial merits within global brands.

If design inclusion is on your agenda we would love to share our perspectives with you and design a better world for all.

+ Let's make design accessible for all.
Rodd design's Ode shown on a window between two plants

Preventing malnutrition through purposeful design

Rodd created a brand identity focussed on modern ageing for tech startup Wellwise

Creating a brand identity for modern ageing.

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design with SGW Global. Side view of the CD111 Telephone designed by Rodd for SGW GLOBAL.White handset on a pale grey backdrop illumintaed with an orange screen

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design