• Aalto air purifier. Front view render showing a blond wood body and delicate grey textile top surface.

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Consumer Tech

Great design brings technology to life. It’s what connects consumers with brands and how leaders in the space stay relevant.

We pride ourselves on our ability to use design to infuse purpose into cutting-edge consumer technologies, partnering with companies from insight to launch.

Together we help breathe life into future technology that has the power to benefit society, solve everyday problems and bring delight. We create meaningful, emotive design identities and compelling product solutions that capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

Our work in this space includes, consumer experience design, industrial design and brand identity, digital design for apps, interface and UX, CGI and packaging design.

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Above view of aalto a design concept by Rodd. the image shows a beech timber clad air purifier shown from above, with pale grey fabric upper set in a pale grey scene.

Enhancing the home with customised air

Rear view detail of the 'home' computer monitor

Enhancing the home office through design