• Aalto

    Enhancing the home with customised air


What if we could design the air in our homes?

In this advanced design concept, we explored the idea of personalising the air in our homes, just like we interact with home audio. The result is Aalto - a connected air purifier that combines air technology with fragrance delivery to bring customisation to this essential element of home living.

aalto air purifier from above with a strong shadow.
Aalto app mockup. Two screens side by side showing how users can personalise their air throughout the home.
Aalto air purifier. Front view render showing a blond wood body and delicate grey textile top surface.
Aalto air purifier control panel detail render. UI panel is shown in its closed position. The UI panel is wrapped in a grey textile and shows white status lights.
Aalto UI detail render. UI shown in its open position. The UI pivots to reveal a concealed UI that allows deeper customisation or user input before being returned to its closed position.
advanced design at Rodd is a core specialism.
Aalto Air purifier shown in side view perspective.
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