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    Sustainable Design

    Innovating for the triple bottom line

Planet positive design

Today, brands are facing the biggest challenge in their history.

Alongside profitability, they must prioritise the planet and devise sustainable design strategies that support a triple bottom line.

We’ve been helping brands create demand through design for nearly 20 years. Now, we’re applying that same skillset to create the next generation of exciting and desirable sustainable products and services.

Rodd now helps guide those brands looking to become the next generation of sustainable leaders.

Through practical sustainable-design, thought leadership, inspiration and guidance we consult to brands who are exploring their shift towards ESG driven innovation.

We are advising brands on how they can create short, medium and long term transitions to ultimate transition into the circular economy. While the appetite for a circular economy is high, it’s important to keep in mind that full-scale business transformation isn’t always necessary to achieve a substantial impact. Setting a high-impact strategy as a long-term business goal will allow you to lay the foundations for a more sustainable future, step by step.

In the meantime, mapping out your product lifecycle will enable you to identify more short-term solutions that can deliver quick but considerable wins for your brand and for the planet.

We provide strategic design services for brands looking to; align their ESG mission with their innovation roadmap, to communicate their sustainable design agenda through product and service design, design and deploy sustainable packaging and to transition to the circular economy.

+ Innovate a positive change for the planet
Informd app on iphone on a concrete box

Making better choices transparent.

Essence a premium botanical FMCG home care brand for the circular economy. Rodd design clients are the next generation of sustainable leaders.

A home care brand for the circular economy

The Lekue veggie ricer - an innovative and simple way to create your own carb replacement

Promoting healthy eating and the love of veggies.