• Rodd Design are experts in the application of user research and foresights in the design process when working with consumer brands

    User Research and Foresights

    Gaining empathy at the frontend of innovation

User research & strategic foresights

We help consumer brands navigate the pitfalls of big-bet innovation through a blend of user research and strategic foresights.

+ Strategic foresights help make sense of the future.

We help you to decipher future trends to determine their relevance and how to successfully innovate within them. We help product teams define future opportunities and create their roadmaps with greater certainty.

+ Research by designers for innovation teams.

We deliver two user research methods specifically to support innovation and design teams:

+ Qualitative research

Qualitative user research brings you closer to your customers, giving you a window into their everyday lives and unequivocal insights with which to inform innovation and NPD. Our pedigree in this space covers everything from consumer product, healthtech, fmcg and design inclusion.

+ Quantitative research

Our quantitative research offers invaluable support to your design team, allowing you to swiftly validate and enhance early-stage concepts. Critically, our research findings are not just delivered by researchers, but by experienced designers themselves.

If you are a product leader looking to break new ground and disrupt your category, our user research expertise provides the clarity and empathy you need to move ahead.

+ Let’s find your new way forward
Rodd design's Ode shown on a window between two plants

Preventing malnutrition through purposeful design

Transform the everyday through design. Go-Cook kitchen tools for Tesco.

Transform the everyday through design

Zyliss spiralier with courgette onto a plate

Driving healthy eating through innovation