• Elevating Goodmans with strategic design


Since 1925, Goodmans has cultivated a reputation as a leading British brand in the consumer electronics space, creating superior audio experiences for a loyal customer base.

Eager to expand their audience and move into new categories, Goodmans called on us to lead a repositioning and use strategic industrial design to target a new more youthful consumer looking for an enriched consumer experience.

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These brand values would help shape the strategic industrial design direction that would run throughout the brand repositioning project.
A clear design strategy is critical when making far-reaching changes to any brand
Strategic industrial design is sensitive to the commercial needs of any brand. In this case CMF was all that was required to accelerate the deployment of this DAB radio.
Visual mood imagery for the Goodmans brand guidlines
A sense of casual confidence became one of the brand elements that would come to typify the new Goodmans.
Our work extends beyond strategic industrial design and into all aspects of brand experience including packaging design.
Brand values for the Goodmans DNA project
Integrity of proposition, design and executing for Goodmans
Packaging of Rocka DAB radio for Goodmans
Rocka for Goodmans was a key use of strategic industrial design to help relaunch the brand and target a new youth consumer.
Go for Goodmans was a key use of strategic industrial design to help relaunch the brand and target a new youth consumer.
Goodmans aspect soundbar in horizontal and upright orientation
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