• Pushing past pricing conventions

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards approached us to design their product repositioning with the goal of breaking age-old pricing conventions.

We became trusted partners on their journey to develop a cohesive industrial design brand language and a product range that would introduce a whole new audience to the brand.

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Chroma for Morphy Richards, one of the talisman products from Rodd's initial brand repositioning exercises. Simple, understated and beautiful.
Chroma for Morphy Richards by Rodd design is a prime example of the power of product brand language
Rodd use strategic industrial design to help lead repositioning projects for global clients
Chroma for Morphy Richards, design that is pushing past pricing conventions.
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The corner mixer, designed by Rodd, for Morphy Richards as part of the Future of Food Prep project
Morphy Richards

Proposition design 'The future of food preparation.'

Morphy Richards commissioned Rodd to use foresights research to help define their product roadmap
Morphy Richards

Foresights research

Rodd partnered with Morphy Richards to create a strategic product brand language that would help reposition the brand and open them up to new customer segments.
Morphy Richards

Redefining an icon of the British kitchen

Design that help clients expand into new markets around the world. Hand holding Morphy Richards kettle about to pour into cup
Morphy Richards

Strategic industrial design and new markets

Details of the Panasonic range designed by Rodd

A design language for a China