• Top view of the home monitor by Rodd Design

    Consumer Electronics

    Great design brings technology to life

Consumer Electronics

We craft compelling design stories that define brands.

In the consumer electronics space, first impressions are everything. Loyalty is won or lost on your product’s identity and consumer experience - so it had best be right. We blend strategic rigour and craftsmanship to create solutions for some of the industry's most experienced design buyers and most recognised brands.

+ Design Direction at Rodd

We work at the intersection of consumer aspirations and business objectives for some of the world’s most respected consumer electronics brands, challenging them to do something different and find unique beauty for their brand.

Our designers blend culture, narrative, and feasibility, creating meaningful products that embody your brand’s values and crafting a clear visual narrative around your strategic brand positioning.

Design is storytelling, and through our holistic approach we’ll find the best way to tell your story as it should be told.

Our work in this category extends from strategic positioning, trends and foresights, product design identity from single products to an entire range language, UI, UX, CMF and even packaging experience.

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Above view of aalto a design concept by Rodd. the image shows a beech timber clad air purifier shown from above, with pale grey fabric upper set in a pale grey scene.

Enhancing the home with customised air

Rear view detail of the 'home' computer monitor

Enhancing the home office through design

A visual of Poise our lifestyle-design concept that explores the role of tech within our living spaces.

Harmonising TVs with modern living spaces

Front view of the Rodd Designed balance monitor design concept

A minimalist design concept for professional spaces

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design with SGW Global. Side view of the CD111 Telephone designed by Rodd for SGW GLOBAL.White handset on a pale grey backdrop illumintaed with an orange screen

Promoting inclusivity through age-neutral design