• Bringing style back to the bedside radio


Having played a leading role in Goodmans’ brand repositioning, the consumer electronics company asked us to create a distinctive bedside radio concept that would shine and stand out in a crowded market. So, we worked closely with their team to create a product that offered style and character in abundance.

The result was Nod: a bedside radio that blends a retro aesthetic with much-needed modern features.

Nod by Rodd was a key product in the industrial design repositioning of the Goodmans brand.
a range of dieter rams inspired colour ways helps cement the new repositioned Goodmans brand as one that celebrated industrial design.
Industrial design is one of the pillars of any brand repositioning exercises we lead for our consumer clients at Rodd.
The large on/off button on Nod allows you to switch off by feel alone
Nod for Goodmans on a table scene designed by Rodd Design
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